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Moon in the 12 houses of a Horoscope

Moon is the most significant aspect in the study of Astrology. It is the most important aspect in analysis of a horoscope. Yes, the ascendant shows the destiny of this life (“Prarabdha” Karma) and “direction of the Outcome” of the past karma in this life but Moon shows the deepest desire of the soul. What the specific person loves the most and where he will spend his most of “mind-space”/”thoughts”. Moon can singlehandedly change the effectiveness of the horoscope – a troubled mind can never achieve its potential & a calm/tranquil mind can go through a sea of calamities with success (or at least not making it worse than it is!).

If the ascendant shows the world’s perception about you – the window the world looks at you – Moon is who you actually are! Many people who seem to be miss-understood by masses have very conflicting or opposing / different influences on the ascendant & moon. (Salman Khan might very well have Rahu in the 1st house (Anger / Agitation) but Moon in Jupiter’s aspect!)

Mind/emotions and intellect/brain are two different things – Mercury (Budh) controls the intellect / logical thinking but it is Moon that controls the emotions or mind of a person. That is the very reason why the current planets (Gochar) (weekly / monthly /annual horoscope) are analyzed from Moon and not from Sun or Ascendant. It all depends on a person’s “state of mind”: with the same material situation, different folks would perceive it differently. The concept of being happy or sad depends completely on the mind of a person!

Moon is the fastest moving astral body going through 12 signs every approximately 28+ days. While Moon rotates around itself and the Earth, it also rotates around Sun. That’s why it is common sense to say that Moon is “Karak” or Governor of the mind & emotions. Moon is also the governor of Mother (Mata-karak), water, emotions/mind, silver apart from many other things. Needless to say that the house, the sign (rashi) and the constellation (Nakshatra) of Moon are ultra-important while analyzing a horoscope.

Moon in the 1st house of a Horoscope (TANU STHAN)

The 1st house is about ‘self’, appearance, overall body, head / face, the image that you portray to the world or the way the world perceives you. It is also about your daily commute. Your overall disposition is controlled by the 1st house including the facial expressions. Talking/moving in sleep and sometimes even walking (when Mars with Moon) is quite likely when Moon is in the 1st house. The mind keeps working over-time even when the body is asleep! J Moon controls/represents temperament of a person and when in the 1st house it completely rules the person. The thoughts are put to action immediately with this Moon. When a person is born on 2, 11, 20 or 29 (personality), the 1st house Moon is absolutely important factor in the  analysis as these dates also show emotional/sensitive attitude. Even the total addition of 2 (Life purpose) would increase the importance with teh same intensity.

The 1st house Moon means the person is sensitive about the appearance, image, looks and being popular. It also shows overall nature of moving around quickly, changing places more often unless in 2 5 8 11 signs which make it a bit stable but still they will be movers if not changing cities/jobs very often. They are more affected by the surroundings and catch cold/viral deceases more often. Their facial expressions give away what they are thinking; makes it easy to guess their thoughts. As their 6th sense is heightened they are quite often are the receiving end of “Najar lagana”. The mood swings are common, the way Moon goes thru changes every day, their mood can change quite often even in a day; especially when Moon is in a water sign (4, 8, 12).  As the 1st house is about “Duties” as it is belongs to Dharma-Trikon, this moon position does show desire of position of responsibility i.e. a designation or a job or “an office” with set well defined monthly, weekly duties. As Moon also shows people contact & sales, this placement is very good for such jobs like MR / Sales / PR etc.

These folks are sort of destiny’s child (neutral way and not a bad or good way) as the planetary pulls of current planets apply to them quite a bit as Ascendant and Moon sign are the same – the 5th Guru will give tremendous success whereas 6th Guru will show some health issues. These folks are easier to handle for Astrologers or rather these folks have the best use of Astrologers! J Even when Moon is closer to the ascendant degree – the mahadasha and antardasha would be that much more effective. Moon in the 1st house shows that there is a definite specific karma (acute) which is to be used in this birth. i.e. the desire of the person and the destiny of the person are very much in sync. A well placed Moon with aspect from Jupiter would give tremendous popularity & also a coveted position in life. The afflicted Moon could show loss of memory, lack of tranquility and even some mental instability that affects overall well being as Moon in the Tanu (Body) sthan.

This 1st house Moon in Taurus or even Cancer sign could show dark/beautiful eyes & mostly curly hair. This Moon also makes the person popular with Women as Women have natural 6th sense that senses the sensitive/emotional side of this person in the 1st look.

For kids born with Moon in the 1st house – constant encouragement and good childhood memories of being loved are VERY important. They make long lasting impact – Yes it applies to ALL of the kids but MORE so for the 1st house Moon folks as they always keep the kid in them alive! J

A badly placed Moon, say with Rahu (aggression/agitation/hedonism) or Ketu (pessimism, depression) or Shani (without Jupiter Aspect) warrants Hanuman Sadhana for sure. Using White Pearl (Moti) in Silver in right hand small finger helps too. (Start on Monday at the time of the Sun rise 1hr plus minus of Sun rise; with usual Puja, followed by Kula-dewata Puja; 108 times Moon’s Navagraha Mantra which is easily available on the net and then put on the ring – A Monday that is on 2, 11, 20, 29 is more effective but not mandatory – Do not spend more than Rs 15K etc unless you are a film star or a VIP etc – You know what I mean)

Jai ho!!

~Milind N Chitambar (MNC)

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