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WEEKLY Rashi-Bhavishya March 25 to March 31 (WEEKLY HOROSCOPE)

1.     All Timings are IST – Convert to whichever time zone you are in.

2.     Based ONLY on Moon Sign – Health could be more related to Ascendant sign but still applicable to Moon Sign.


Entry in LEO on MARCH 24 Sunday 10:18 AM

Entry in VIRGO on MARCH 26, TUESDAY 4:37 PM

Entry in LIBRA on MARCH 28 THURSDAY 8:20 PM



MEEN:  Lage Raho!!

Sun in your Signs from Mid-month is helping quite a bit or at least not troubling now! J Guru is in 17th degree in 3rd house which means it will start something new for you which will pave the way of the future success. 3 planets in your sign shows optimism and execution of various plans. Shani wakri in 8th house recommends being careful with masses, workers or sub-ordinates & also patience in inheritance issues.


This week starts with partying mood on Sunday or social events participation or hosting them until Tuesday 4:37 pm. After that for next two days it shows partnerships & collaborations but it is more like helping others and investing in others than getting a lot of help! Thursday 8 pm onward it shows tough time for 2 days with physical pains, mental stress and adversity – keeping patience and being serene will solve 90% of issues! J From Saturday night 11 PM you enter very good 6+ days of increasing success and support from environment. Lage Raho!!!!


KUMBH: Holle Holle Sajana!

3 planets in 3rd house giving you some incremental gains and short term success in investments. 9th Shani although wakri is starting things which would keep increasing until 2020. 4th Guru shows stagnancy and reporting to someone of less or equal ability – can’t help! J Paternal side folks are doing their duty (dharma) and maternal side folks are going to enjoy peripheral things (music, movies, picnics etc!). 4th Guru warrants increasing ability and doing some certifications etc until May2013.


This week until Tuesday shows partnerships & collaborative (“ek hath de ek hath le”) approach. J From Tuesday 5 pm it is about tough time and hard work and also focus on health. Have patience. From Thursday March 28 8 pm you enter very good 6+ days ahead with increasing clout. Hard-work, number crunching & taking advice from older folks until Saturday March 30th 11 pm but it shows some monetary gains for sure.


MAKAR: Ata kasa watata? God God watata (How are you feeling now? Very good Very Good!) J

Enjoy 5th Guru and use it until May end 2013. All your efforts from 2008 are going to give some dream come true success which would have given some hint from May2010 to May2011. Shani is in 10th house with Rahu which means MUST take advice from older folks in family (paternal more so) and also seniors at workplace. It also recommends detailed number crunching and statistical analysis for bigger projects! Do not jump hastily! Increasing mass-base and ability!! 3 planets in 3rd house could make you travel 6 hrs short trips until April 14 or so.


This week from Sunday morning itself starts on wrong foot. Until Tuesday 5 pm it is a tough period with physical pains and also pain & agitation -- chose words VERY carefully! From Tuesday 5 pm onwards you do not need an astrologer! J 6+ days of great natural & increasing success! Until Thursday 8 pm great advice from experts in various fields and start of some new things in career! From Thursday 8 pm to Saturday 11 pm it is about increasing power & also travel for some presentation/proposal/expression with female colleagues or female friends. J From Saturday night 11 pm to next 2 days multiple gains & money matters – good for real estate gain and also help from siblings and friend alike!



DHANU: “Paisa yeh paisa – Paisa yeh kaisa!”

6th Guru asking to check any health issue pending or cyclic those appear every 12 years! 11th Shani is going to a bouchhar of money on you! Wakri – so slow motion money flow! J 3 planets in 4th house further slow things down but rejuvenate you.


Great 6+ days right from Sunday morning to Saturday 11 pm!! First 2 days new things start near native place, either mom travels to meet you and you do the same! But a pro-environment! From Tuesday 5 pm to Saturday 8 pm it is about some workplace related expression, presentation, proposal and travel due to the same but of course shows good productivity for sure. From then until Saturday 11 pm it is about multiple gains and also gains or support from workers or sub-ordinates – Good time for sure. From Saturday 11 pm to next 2 days shows some adversity and expense of time money and energy for next month.


VRISHCHIK: Expand and hibernation at the same time! J

3 planets in 5th house shows good tactical moves to achieve quick results. Guru 7th is expanding your sphere of influence while 12th Shani is taking away from your previous mass-base and forcing to acquire new skills to get new higher level skilled and refined mass-base! J Rahu 12ht recommends a look at paternal side elders!


The week is great right until Thursday 8 pm. It shows increased influence lot of good work and quick achievements. Tuesday 4 pm to Thursday 8 pm especially of great & multiple gains for sure. From then to Saturday 11 pm is about looking at mistakes of the past month and planning for next 30 days, expense of time, money and energy for sure. From Saturday 11 pm you come back on track.


TULA: Chal Chal Re Naujawan – Rukana tera kaam nahi chalana teri shaan!

Surya and Mangal in 6th house helping win over competition! You are getting too competitive and aggressive which is good but Surya and Mangal do change to 7th house and then those competitors start biting back! J So be “just”. 8th Guru is making you part of initiative that do not go anywhere until May2013 but your hard-work and efforts are recognized and you get something VERY great for 3 years from June2013 onward. Shani is rashi asking to drink water carefully and also look at health but increasing great responsibilities you always wanted.


This week until Tuesday 5 pm is of very good gains from all sides and especially competitive stuff. From Then to Thursday 8 pm shows a bit adverse time – you will need to plan carefully the next month and it also shows some expense. Check what kids want. From Thursday 8 pm you come back on track with execution of your plans. From Saturday 11 pm you start getting incremental gains for next 2 days!


KANYA "Dheer Dhari Dheer Dhari -- Jaagrut Gieer-Dhaari"! :)

Aggressive Surya Mangal in 7th house warrants caution in collaborations deal with partners fairly else there could be a resistance! 9th Guru is planning to help you a lot more now until May-end. Shani in 2nd wakri shows careful investments and check elders in the family (health).


This week from Sunday morning 10 am or so to Tuesday 5 pm shows some adversity, correcting or reflecting back on the past mistakes and also planning for the next month! From then to Thursday 8 pm you come back on track with execution of those things planned in past 2 days. From Thursday 8 pm to Saturday 11 pm shows incremental gains & success of things you completed in 5 days until Thursday!


SINGH: Fast & Furious – You should not be! J

Surya Mangal in 8th house shows some adversity from seniors, friends, Govt, siblings etc and also vehicles. Be careful while dealing with these things until April 14th at least and check annual horoscope for Singh for more guidance as Mangal in 8th for some time etc. Guru 10th house indicates stress and pressure cooker situation at workplace and working in a tough environment. Shani 3rd is allowing you to play cards and guerrilla tactics but be just!! Be careful of what seniors & Govt wants & obey laws! Drive slowly rather. carefully.


This week from Sunday morning to Tuesday 5 pm shows a new start with new execution with energy. From then to Thursday 8 pm show incremental gains and also trading or investment gains. From Thursday night to Saturday 11 pm it is about expression, picnic, good time and also some “parakram”. From Saturday night 2 days shows rejuvenation but also recommends a look at the vehicle condition.


KIRK: Chhap lo – jab tak hain jaan (i.e. 11th Guru!)

3 planets in 9th house shows some travel for strategic things. Along with 11th Guru they show some very big things that increase your influence! 4th Shani recommends checking infighting and domestic front. More time needed on domestic matters.


This week until Tuesday 5 pm is about incremental and trading gains from distant places or relatives also! From Tuesday 5 pm to Thursday 8 pm it is about some expression, some travel but shows pain in travel too. Someone could try to steal something from you so take care of your stuff. From Thursday 8 pm to Saturday 11 pm it is a homely environment and meeting near and dear ones – possible to meet elder paternal family close to heart folks. From then next 2 says show a great execution of plans and all round success --  great news on kid’s front.



12th Guru allowing to do good studies and regrouping – use it until May. Shani 5th is very good for execution of things and success in long term projects and hence satisfaction too. Kids need attention though!


This week until Tuesday 4 pm shows expression, travel for workplace and presentation skills etc. From then until Thursday 8 pm it shows some rest near native place – travel could happen from or to native place or some connection with folks there (World is small!). From Thursday 8 pm to Saturday 11 pm shows execution of things and good news but also care of kids. From then next 2 days shows social events with workplace folks. Watch stomach though!



Being forced to form new alliances and new collaborations with people from completely different background (Sanjay Dutt!) due to 6th Shani and Rahu – they show tremendous economic activity though through Service Sector!! Guru in rashi gives good image enhancement and increase in social and physical weight.


This week from oSunday morning to Tuesday 4 pm shows rest, meeting with near & dear folks and homely environment. From then until Thursday 7 pm shows some tactical moves that result in some quick gains but not very long term ones. From Thursday 8 pm to Saturday 11 pm it is about some social event, upset stomach, some care needed of elder ‘folks from mom’s father’s family. Take advice and support from some older folks. From Saturday night for 2 days shows good advice from experts in some fields and good collaborations & partnerships.



2nd expansion of wealth, family and 7th Shani going away from spouse and reduction of masses a bit but need to connect with masses and workers is highly needed. 3 planets in 12th house show that you are at odds with Govt, Seniors, spouse, siblings and what not! J Be patient – only thing you can do is not to make matters worse until April 14th! J


This week until Tuesday 5 pm shows incremental gains, good news from kids or rather need to spend time & money with kids. From then to Thursday 6 pm it about gains from service sector, social events and meeting with mom’s relatives fruitful. From Thursday 8 pm to Saturday 11 pm shows need for collaborations and partnerships (& actually an obligation to help partners!) From Saturday night to next 2 days shows some adversity, drive carefully and check what siblings want and also deal with seniors carefully!


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