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 Narendra Modi Horoscope Analysis, Predictions 2014


I always felt that NaMo was a Tula lagna as his first reaction when he sees anyone is to smile first. There is always that smile on his face, also his voice is typical Tula rashi influence too. HOWEVER, the birth-time available on internet shows 11 am which makes it Scorpio lagna in 1:06 degrees! Even if we assume that clocks are usually 5 minutes faster in India, it would be “just” moved to Scorpio lagna in Mehsana! So no choice but to analyze him as Scorpio Moon and Scorpio Lagna.


1.     Scorpio Lagna & Scorpio Moon which makes him Destiny’s child – the one who has written his own destiny to be born as Scorpio lagna and Scorpio moon – tremendous DESIRE of the soul which was not fulfilled in the last birth despite tremendous hard-work. Tremendous memory (Sharad Pawar Scorpio Lagna and Sun) and also tremendous grudge & desire for POWER – Also highly unpredictable. Moon and Lagna same means planetary pulls apply a lot and can used to comment on his past and future. Tremendous mental energy & ability to take & handle stress and GREAT INSTINCTS. Ability to go in hibernation or hard-work for years before making an effective & impactful move. Ability to survive & handle difficult situations. LOVES power and workplace as LEO the sign of LOVE is in 10th house (workplace power); Loves Stability and Loves watching closely with MICRO-Management.

 2.     Killer instinct (Vijugishi Vrutti) is almost given with Scorpio Lagna and Mars in it – Just like Shah Rukh Khan (SRK also Scorpio lagna & Mars). Mars in 1st house imparts tremendous energy, initiative, leadership and aggression to the person. In Scorpio lagna Mars presence could also give DEEP sarcasm which does not help though. (If TULA lagna – same Mars in 2nd house with Moon shows great sense of land-deals, investments and use of land for business.)

 3.     The date of 17 (8: Shani) shows a person who is KHADUS, Micro-Manager and desire to leave name behind and do something heroic. The total addition of 5 (Mercury) shows good business, commerce and SPEECH/Expression/Orator ability. 8 is a great from numerological angle for posts such as PM especially in India which is dominated by Makar and Shani (poor people, villages, workers etc)

 4.     Scorpio lagna & moon shows definite specific karma with marriage, kids & father!

 a.     Marriage: Owner of 7th house and also KARAK of marriage Shukra is in unapproachable, aloof, egotists but highly inspirational sign of Leo (just like Lata-Didi) – It is with SHANI!!! This means there is wirakti and anasakti towards marriage in this horoscope. Moon also Scorpio adds to this a LOT.

b.    Kids – Owner of 5th house AND KARAK of Kids – Guru is wakri and 12th from Kids house – Again shows desire to reduce karmic links in this life. Guru in Kumbh anyways shows very less santati.


5.     10th house: KARMA Sthan -- Power, Productivity, Workaholic, Work-place, Father etc

  1. a.     Shukra is Vargottam & hence in 10th house shows very good results in production and efficiency – easily efficient – Coupled with Shani – it is further great for hard-work and efforts towards one’s goals.
  2. b.    Shani in 10th start helping after age of 30 a lot – Not much support or need of support from Father. However good-will from father as L10 Sun in 11th house.
  3. c.     Shan in 10th house shows support from masses ESPECIALLY as Guru is aspecting it from the 4th house. Guru drushti on Shani shows giving very good direction to massed and making “kalyan” of masses. Shani is IMP as Moon Nakshatra is owned by Shani (Anuradha) and hence this Shani a LOT MORE imp than if the nakshatra would have been Jyeshtha or
  4. d.    Guru 4th shows great luck in HOME Town and Country and aspect on 10th on Shani Shukra shows great support from women and elderly in politics.
  5. e.     Shukra in Leo Navamansh and Shani in Dhanu navamansh are very good and harmonious for the Leo Sign presence itself – there is definite use & impact of Shukra & Shani for power (Leo) and direction (Dhanu) to masses.


6.     Surya Budh & Ketu in 11th house shows maternal family did good things and has left a lot of good-will for him. TRADING or business was easy for maternal family & he has knack of trading, commerce and business due to BUDH in Kanya – It is wakri so one bad fruit with Sun (father) or power possible. However these 3 planets in 11th house is GREAT news for ECONOMIC matters and GAINS. All the POWER of Shani and Shukra in 10th house aided by GURU is converted in some sort of LABH and GAINS due to these (L10 in 11th with L11 in own house there itself) 11th house planets!

7.     Rahu in 5th house and owner of it in 4th house shows that MINORITIES of his home town and home state would play a big role in convincing minorities in the rest of country that this guy means business and does not mean harm to anyone. Rahu represents different culture, different religion etc and in 5th house shows that they could fulfill his dream Or success (5th house – results!) but Guru the owner of Rahu Sign is wakri – So 1st attempt might not work out that well and in second change it would work out very well. OBC Support is also seen from Rahu and that is almost guaranteed. Guru in 4th is omnipresent for support from so called upper caste (or rich in some way folks) by birth.


You might say that this is all good but come to the main topic! J What happens next!? :)



  1. Vrishchik rashi Lagna and Mars – He is going to be part of initiatives that do not go anywhere until May2014. His work, his efforts will be appreciated greatly but the PROJECT or the GOAL that he is part of is not supposed to see the great success despite his efforts and ability which would be appreciated by one and all.
  2. 2.     Everyone will notice his ability and From June2014 onwards 9th Guru would start making him part of initiatives that are supposed to succeed & are long term.
  3. 3.     Shani changing in Oct Nov 2014 time-frame in his own rashi would further start helping as it would end Sade-Sat 1st phase which is about “exile” and planning & preparation for next 30 years! Shani would START EXECUTION of his plans from Oct/Nov2014.
  4.  4.     His Current Mahadasha of Moon from Dec2011 / Jan-2012 shows publicity, popularity among elites but not exactly masses. His RAHU ANTARDASHA until Nov2014 is like chasing something which is an IMAGE and not real. It is chasing some “insatiable desire” which is not real deal.
  5. 5.     Guru Antardasha starts from Nov2014 and Shani also changes that time and Guru is 9th anyways – So from this time onwards it is GREAT success and some specific duties and specific responsibilities that are long term for him.

SUMMARY: So overall he is VERY WELL Placed now for next 3-4 years but until May2014 it is more like a GREAT effort without great result but great appreciation. From June2014 onwards greater PRO environment and progress and after Nov2014 something of a start of MASS support and not just the elites or middle-class of the country. The Horoscope explains that he is HIT on Moon Mahadasha from Dec2011 to Dec2021 with elites, middle-class and such but not exactly masses, workers & poors – He starts getting poors/masses on his side from Oct Nv2014 onwards for sure and that’s the time even his enemies would start aligning with him and start helping him!

12th Shani mandates Modi to plan, prepare, study, analyse, blue print etc from Nov2011 to Nov2014 and THEN jump into execution. As his is 8th degree in Scorpio – 2014 would not be as bad from Shani as 2012-2013 was with some troubles.


Just this horoscope shows that until Nov2014 there is uncertainty in Indian politics & game is on! Kabhi baazi idhar to kabhi baazi udhar! :) From Nov2014 – there is stability of thoughts and actions in Indian politics and GREAT GAINS in economy, stock markets and $$-money coming back to India GREATLY from Nov2014 onwards. Until then SEHEN Karo!


However, How much one man’s horoscope can be relied upon to predict such things? Only BRAHMA the Creator can answer this question! :)  I have just tried to put things in perspective based on 1000s of case studies I have seen so far without getting biased by some political reality or hunches. I do not CLAIM that I am correct here and on NAMO subject there are as many opinions as there are astrologers! I have avoided citing ANY RUCHAK-Fuchak yoga or Gaja-Kesari Yoga etc to show that I am an authentic astrologer! J I like WESTERN way of CASE-STUDIES a LOT MORE Than some yoga that even I have in my horoscope! :)


 1.     Modi has Shukra in Singh just like Lata-Did – Surya/Budh in Kanya is also like Lata-Didi.

 2.   Modi has Scorpio Lagna and Mars in there like Shah Rukh Khan (Modi also had Moon there making it MORE SCORPIO – as Shah Rukh Moon Sign is MAKAR).

 3.    His marriage (absence) & kids is VERY well reflected in the horoscope with L7 AND Karak Shukra with (wirakti-anasakt) SHANI. Even if he would have married, it would have been some 5 10 year older women than him like some sadhvi who leaves sanyasashram for marriage.

 4.     Sharad Pawar has Scorpio Lagna and Surya (Modi Scorpio Lagna, Moon and Mars)

 5.    His current 8th Guru, 12th Shani and RAHU Antardasha indicate delays until Nov2014 at least for what he wants.

 6.    9th Guru 1st Shani and Guru antardasha from Nov2014 changes things in FLASH and like CRAZY! Great turn-around for him.

 7.    Guru when goes in SINGH i.e. from Aug/Sept2015 to Sept2016 – He will see TREMENDOUS increase in Mass-base in poors, workers etc.

 8.   He must have had dream come true success from May2010 to May2011 – need to check if Vibrant Gujarat happened that time.


 P.S. If he is last degree TULA lagna – He would have a lot better time than described above until May2014 but might not change drastically!


Regardless – This horoscope does have what it takes to be the highest position in a country! It is LOT better than Barak Obama or Bill Clinton Horoscopes for sure and counters Atal Bihari or Margaret Thatcher horoscopes very closely. Rather, NaMo Horoscope also shows great ability to lead in a War life condition and some victory in a war too.

P.S. TULA LAGNA can make this Rahu mahadasha of great image enhancements & also win over competition with help from folks of different caste and culture. It also shows achieving thru people of very different background and getting success as its owner Guru becomes 5th to Tula lagna horoscope. So this RAHU antardasha although again image and not actual becomes a lot better with Tula lagna and correctly shows Modi trying to change his sphere of influence with completely different people. So this means until NOv2014 he will not do as badly as it would have been with Vrishchik lagna!!


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