Published on Thursday, 16 February 2017

Astrology & FOCUS: No Fate but What we Make (really??)

We have seen that some of the most successful charts have Moon in the 1st 5th or the 9th house there by making Ascendant sign (lagna) in sync (Nava-Pancham, 9:5) with the Moon sign. The same applies to a large extent to moon in the 3rd and the 11th house too as it becomes the Laabh-Yog (3:11). Obviously, the destiny (asc) and desire (Moon) being in sync does help immensely. Having Moon degree as close to asc degree in such cases has its own positive impact. It shows ACUTE effect and the topic of this article – FOCUS.

As you can see the genius and the greatest people around – THE FOCUS is the single most aspect of their success. Sachin Tendulkar batted and practiced for hours, Kasparov says that you have go to LOVE the process itself! Virat says he had to work hard for his talent. However, working hard on multiple things would make you an all-rounder but not a genius. I have been chasing astrology since 1991 and today I have say 6000+ likes on the AstroMNC FB page and have say 20,000 or more hits on the website. However, in all these years from 1991, I was into Engineering and then my job and cricket too. Add to that listening to music, watching movies, watching politics and debating with friends incessantly. Assume I had spent ZERO time on these things are had concentrated on career and say Astrology. Today the hits to the site would have been lakhs/millions and likes to FB page also in the same range..!! So again, what creates FOCUS in the chart?


Simple answer is:

The planets that are in the same degree as the ascendant degree show great effectiveness (good bad ugly) and show the maximum impact – YES in a way it IS related to BHAVARAMBH and hence CUSP kundali is very important. BUT my case studies and research is further beyond the cusp and bhavarambh. Yes it is combination of bhavarambh and cusp kundali. BUT, the same degree as ascendant might not mean bhavarambh every time. The areas or karakatva or the ownership of houses of that planet(s) shows the area, the topic and the subject of the FOCUS the person would have! Of course, a “well placed” planet needs to be given the most importance. A badly placed planet could show acute failure in chasing those areas of subjects.  For this topic, we will as per advice of management Guru Peter Drucker, “focus” on the strengths. As per him, hard-work on strength makes you genius and hard-work on weaknesses at best can make you mediocre! J J


So career guidance becomes easier? The first and foremost would be the KARAKATVA of the planet. Say one had Mangal in the 1 3 5 7 9 11 house at the same degree as the asc. Mangal is sports, engineering, gym, war, friends, siblings, blood, iron bronze and so on. Mangal in these house in uchcha or friendly sign and in Guru drushti would STOP your quest for the best career for the chart..! Now you can understand why the accurate birth time is needed? It shows asc degree and hence shows the most important and significant planets for a chart! This is the reason, Mars /Mangal in Aries or Capricorn or Sagittarius in first 3 degree or last 3 degrees gives great great sports ability BUT doesn’t give it as the career as it is “ignored” by the person’s destiny (surroundings, access to coaches, family obligations, economic conditions and so on). I have a friend “Samir” from Nashik, he has Mars in the 1.5 degrees of Sagittarius – he did gym – had a great body strength, his batting was marvelous, running ridiculous, played football very well, badminton also extra-ordinary. As ascendant degree is 28th in Gemini and Mars in the 7th house in 2nd degree – despite such ability it never became a career option! Sad but True! For me I have mars in 2nd degree of Gemini – bowled really well and hardly ever met a batsman I found difficult to bowl at (given the exposure) and also could play TT and rather any game you could throw at me.. Could bowl off or leg-spin, fast etc etc. As Mars in the 2nd degree but lagna in the 23th degree – it was not meant to be..! So there’’s your hint to come up with correct birth time for a well-known cricketer or a sports-person: The ascendant degree and Mars degree should be similar! J J


For those wanting Govt or high position jobs – SURYA in 1 3 5 7 9 10 11 houses would give that but as it is fiercely competitive field – one can guess who would get there first??! J Similarly, Shukra the owner of the art.  Bollywood music movies paintings etc etc. Budh the owner of trading, negotiations, caricature, cartoons, expression and so on.


The planets in the same degree as the Moon degree do show desire for focus and hence slowly but surely, they build the ability and success eventually. So of course, yes the planets as same degree as Moon sign do have a huge impact.


Again too quote my example: Moon Raahu and Neptune in the first house: Ascendant 22:xx degrees. Moon 26:XX degrees and Raahu 27:XX degrees, Neptune 15:XX degrees. Obviously Moon Rahu are in the same nakshatra as Ascendant and hence very effective. Moon wants publicity, acknowledgement in the first house – Raahu only adds to this desire for publicity and attention. SURYA in the 5th house is the same degree as Moon and Raahu… So Surya which is Vargottam and in the 5th house becomes THE MOST important planet for the chart! Surya Vargottam in Meen shows multiple interests, all-rounder and of course 5th Surya and Surya Meen shows astrology (bhaakit, forecasting ability).


You can see that your Mahadasha or Antardasha of Transit (Gochar) is the MOST effective for planets that are the same degree of lagna and then Chandra! The reason is obvious: you are most active and most focused and consistently working on the THINGS shown by those planets and as Lord Krishna (Singularity and the only God) says - -Karmani Adhikaraste!! Your destiny & desires are reflected in your chart and they do PULL you towards them in their Mahadasha Antardasha and Transits. Can you resist, yes but think again…! You can resist but you can’t stop the world from moving on with the next best option! J


Regardless of WHAT is shown by your chart – Karmani Adhikaraste is THE universal thruth!! Your chart only shows WHERE you would OR you would want to work hard!  J


Different Topic Quickly:


The age of 12, 18 and then 24, 30 shows a person knowledge and maturity reaching next levels and the age of 29.5 shows person has paid back most of his past life karma back! So you can see that sports people have massive success or win world cups etc when they are this age. Also, these are the ages when it is the best time to start something in life as you are well directed and well matured.

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