About Milind Chitambar


Milind Chitambar is Vedic Astrology Scholar and has been studying it for many many years. An initial amateur interest became as sincere part of his life since 1991. Well, he started reading astrology to prove it wrong !!  Milind has analyzed more than 10000 charts and that many or more hands. Although Horoscope is a major interest; Milind uses Numerology, Palmistry, Face Reading etc as complimenting disciplines of Astrology.



His belief is that this is not your 1st birth and certainly not the last one. Your SOUL has chosen the b-time, date, and place and the family depending on your own past KARMA  to pay off both good and bad karma. It is a firm belief that your this life "so called" destiny/fate is your OWN past life Karma. You can undo what you have done through good deeds or sufferings. Sometimes it is your choice (good deeds versus sufferings) sometime it isn't; but mind you -- everything that happens to you is your OWN karma!


An Astrologer is not to avoid/bypass fruits of karma but to understand the karmic burden portrayed by a horoscope. The information you have in your conscience but not able to retrieve it easily! For example: Astrologer is not to tell when you will get married but when you should get married and what karma you should do before that. Forgive and Forget and Shraddha and Saboori (Patienve and perseverance) are the two most important Mantras! :)


Milind believes that the best use of astrology is to understand strengths and weaknesses. It allows you to understand attitudes/psychology of a given person with just a horoscope (b-date, btime b-place!) without meeting/talking to the person! This is the greatest kick that Astrology can give you. Milind in his early stages was notorious (?) to guess Sun Signs and Moon Signs of the folks he met! Success rate was almost 75% in the early stages. Later on increasing knowledge added some confusion to the initial simplistic thought process and this ability is not a bit subdued! Also, internet has allowed serving more folks without meeting/talking to them.


Last but not least, Milind is an engineer by profession and has worked in and outside of India. He has wide range of interests. This unique background coupled with great understanding about astrology makes him an astrologer with a difference.



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