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This is a site dedicated to followers of Vedic Astrology and Milind Chitambar. You can find out more about Vedic Astrology here and Milind Chitambar here.


Why the name AstroMNC?

We believe it is easy to understand that Astro stands for Astrology. MNC has nothing to do any multinational corporations even though AstroMNC has followers in many nations! MNC is actually the initial of Milind N Chitambar. We thought that the combination makes sense.


Where it all started?

Milind has been studying astrology for 20 plus years and is very popular personality. He has helped many people over the years. To reach out more people electronically, he started his blog in middle of 2009 at


Why not continue with the blog?

Thanks for everybody's support and constructive suggestions, the blog turned out to be very popular. In fact it reached million plus hits in Jan 2012. We decided to take it to the next level and create a dedicated site. This will allow us to put out additional content and better adapt to demands of Milind's followers.


I have a question that I would like to ask Milind. How would I do that?

You can send all your questions and queries to Milind via this form here.Check this list if you are asking about astrology basics. 


Is there a charge or fee for the requests to Milind?

Milind offers his services for free for now. There are no immediate plans to charge fees yet but it might change in future. Each query is unique. It takes him significant amount of time and efforts to analyze each case in details. So please make sure that you give due respect to him for his commitments. 


I sent a request to Milind and have not heard back yet. What should I do?

It takes Milind a lot of time and efforts to respond back with answers. Also he gets a lot of questions every day. While Milind does his best to respond, sometimes it is not possible for him to respond quickly. If for any reason if you do not hear back from Milind for 5 days, feel free to send him reminder via the same form you submitted initially with different option.


How should I sign up for the site to add comments and share the articles with my friends?

There is no user registration required for this site since we know all of us hate to register for yet another site. Rather it relies on other accounts like Facebook, Yahoo, Hotmail etc for user logins in order to avoid spam. No user data is retrieved, accessed or maintained.


How should I keep up with the latest updates site?

There are some easy ways.

First, if you have FaceBook account, follow us on Facebook via our page here

If you don't have Facebook account, or this does not work for you, you can get RSS feed for our site





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