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MESH Rashi Bhavishya 2013 (Aries in 2013)


This article applies to Moon Sign Aries (MESH). This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same category. We can only talk about the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), palmistry and face reading etc.


Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”. (Some well-known moon sign Aries folks are Barak Obama, Lalkrishna Advani, Sharad Pawar, Bill Clinton, Anil Ambani, Gautam Gambhir, Lalit Modi). This article also applies to some extent to people born from April 14 to May 14th (Aries Sun Sign: Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:



Aries Sign Characteristics

Initiative, forthright, direct, bow-like eye-brows, Aggression, Fighters, Warriors, action oriented, positive, workaholic, do not like to talk much, fast, impatient, anger from time to time, accident prone if combined with Sagittarius Sun or ascendant! More like Chandragupta than Chanakya! J (You could see these effects in April 14 to May14 born folks also who are Sun Sign Aries.)



You had great success from 2008 to May2010 & after that you were suddenly wondering what went wrong (saturation / stagnancy) from May2010 to May2011. You were forced to go in some sort of “political exile” or a planning phase (in 12th Guru) in this period. In 1st Guru from May2011 to May2012 you did try to find your fit and come back on track with some “image enhancing” events. Now in 2nd Guru until May2012, the surroundings are starting to yet again appreciate your value but you are not feeling as good. Other might be thinking that you are doing great but you are certainly not feeling as happening as you would like. However, Guru moving 3rd from June2013 will certainly start something new for you which could also initiate some travel away until June-2014. Your sphere of influence also changed from Sept-2009 to July-2012 in 6th Shani; as you were forced to work with new set of people / employees or customers. Shani moving 7th first from Nov2011 and then August 2012 could reduce your sphere of influence a bit and would force you to re-evaluate your collaborations & partnerships (or even mergers & acquisitions). Some tough decisions with partnerships could happen. Temporary stay away from spouse or family due to business /career decisions is quite likely in 7th Shani.




Aries in 2013


1.    2nd house Guru from May2012 to May2013 is very good for betterment of health & wealth for you and your family. You will find good doctors or specialists with timely & well directed holistic advice.

2.   Rahu moving from 8th house to 7th house in January is very good news for health matters. 8th Rahu showed some hereditary issues from paternal side family. It also showed some health issues to elders in the paternal family. Now, this phase is over.

3.   Ketu in your own sign from mid January means certain amount of calming effect on your personality. It shows steady mind and steady movements. Some visits to religious/spiritual places are quite likely in this year.

4.   Sun & Mars both mandate a careful scrutiny of health from 12th April 2013 to 23rd May 2013. This period recommends caution with vehicles & usage of safety gear such as helmets/gloves etc for biking. Get vehicles services on time and check air pressure every week etc.

5.   Shani opposite to Moon in the horoscope recommends taking care of health of your mother and not to ignore minor health issues. It is important to check the root-cause and not just the symptoms and also avoid drinking water & eating at un-hygienic places.




1.   2nd Guru until May2013 is very good to start family or expand your family. It shows overall good luck for members in the immediate and also your extended family.

2.   While 7th house Shani could take away from mother and family, the 2nd house Guru would oppose this until May2013. From June2013 however Guru also adds to the effect of travel away from home/family. You could spend fair bit of time away from family after that. You will need to take some tough long pending decisions on home front with not only family members but house, estate, vehicles etc. You are also advised to handle domestic matters with more patience than usual.

3.    3rd Guru from May2013 is good news for kids. It shows faster growth curve for your kids.

4.    Rahu moving to 7th house in Mid January shows some partnership or collaboration with paternal family & specially elders. Ketu in the 1st house indicates time to pay off some duties towards the maternal family in their need of hour. You could attend some ceremonies etc with maternal family where you perform your duty as a relative. This formation of Rahu-Ketu axis shows some fun or recreational activities with paternal family (want to do) and more dutiful activities (responsibilities: have to do) with maternal family.



Career and Finances

2nd Guru until May-2013: Expansion of Family and Wealth

1.   2nd house Guru to Aries has very positive effects on your overall investment or economic profile. This Guru gets you good advice with investments. You will make some smart investment choices until May2013 for sure.

2.    This 2nd Guru has & until May2013 will start a “new income” which is a result of planning/expense/investment of 12th Guru from May2010 to May2011 and efforts or hard-work of 1st Guru from May2011 to May2012. i.e. the two years of staying “Out of comfort zone” is now helping you achieve new gains in life.

3.    Your surroundings (seniors, colleagues) are starting to appreciate your value again now and you are becoming an important person in your career.

4.    2nd Guru certainly shows a very good increment & monetary gains until May2013. 2nd Guru also shows expansion in family & family’s wealth.

5.    As Guru is owner of 9th and 12th house for Aries sign, the 2nd Guru shows income or gains from people or overall connections that are 9 to 12 hours away from your place. Simply speaking it could mean gains from abroad or from folks abroad. There could be some investment opportunities coming from abroad until May2013.


3rd Guru from June2013: (House of “Parakram”)

1.    Entry of Guru in the house of expression, short travel & also the house that shows some forceful action by the person is a good thing if you are a career oriented that is!

2.    This 3rd house Guru is bound to start what I like to call as “Half-a-Bhagyoday” (9th house Guru of 2008 being a Full-Bhagyoday!)

3.     It is a start of “something new” for you which you always wanted right from May2010 onwards.

4.    There is some travel associated with this Guru which could be for next 12 months or a frequent travel for some presentations, conferences etc.

5.     3rd house is about what you love to do and not what you have to do! You will get to work on things that you always wanted to go and are good. This is not just like some daily, weekly or monthly etc duties that your job or post demands but something which brings some fun quotient to work.

6.    However, this success of 3rd Guru is tactical and obvious which is the culmination of your efforts & struggle from May2010. It is not as strategic or as broad as say 9th Guru of 2008 (Lalit Modi starting IPL!).

7.    There is a feel good which paves the way for the “dream come true” success of 5th Guru.

8.    It is very likely that you travel to a place in 3rd Guru for some work and come back your original place in 4th Guru after Jun2014.

9.    If you are in the field of sports, music, movies, writing etc this 3rd Guru is very significant. It opens up new channels, connections or avenues which take their career to the next level.


Overall, you should grab the growth opportunity given by 3rd Guru in this period by both hands & make it count.


Shani in 7th house: As the owner of the 10th (Karma/Production/Career/Potential) and 11th house (LABH – Gains), Shani in 7th house shows projects with partnerships and collaborations. Shani tries to teach you that you can’t always work alone and with your own will. Diligent execution of partnerships and collaborations would lead to a lot of churn/income in this period. But, it is highly advised to get into partnerships with CLEAR LEGAL written agreement regardless of HOW CLOSE that person or entity is. Shani mandates an audit of your life in the area shown by the house it is in. As 7th house is of KAAM-TRIKON these business partnerships or collaborations have a limited shelf life and they would get over by later part of 2014 and hence entry and exit should be clearly defined for all parties. (This is not applicable to marriage/spouse! J)


January and February 2013 Mars in 10th and 11th house helps a lot with increased income, land/real-estate gains and cash-flow increase. June shows some land or investment related gains.



Relationships / Partnerships

Shani in 7th house: House of Relationships (spouse), Collaborations, Partnerships

7th house shows your sphere of influence, partnerships at one-on-one-level, your spouse and business partners and even your direct competitors. The 7th Shani is seen to reduce the circle of influence somewhat; this is also a result of finishing the initiatives that started in 6th Shani of Sept 2009 to July 2012. Rather, it forces you to fine-tune your circle in 6th Shani from Sept 2009 to July2012 by making some fact & figures based tough decisions. This Shani also makes one incline to choose a more matured, learned or simply an elder (aged) partner who is more experienced.


Patience and perseverance is required in partnerships and also marriage. There is a good chance to stay / go away from your spouse due to some business or career decisions both willing and forced upon you!


Rahu in 7th house from mid January: Rahu’s aggression, agitation & passion or materialistic streak needs to be channeled well & at times even controlled with your family, social values. It is recommended to stay away from controversial stuff in relationships as Shani is also there with Rahu. Any affairs or wrong steps in relationship or even business partnership could result in legal / court issues. Patience & perseverance however will allow you to achieve great results for sure.


However, from June2013 Guru moving to 3rd house does limit the friction or differences caused by Shani. This Guru does help with the identifying good business partnerships & reduce any issues with personal relationship. In short, Guru helps maintain relationship barometer at an acceptable or satisfactory level from May2013! J Shani’s scrutiny, tough decisions & Rahu’s aggression & passion is directed well by Guru from June2013. Any drastic decisions could be delayed (not minor ones) until June/July2013 especially if related to personal relationships!



Other Major Effects:

1.     SUN: Beware of what seniors/Govt/authorities want from you. Deal the difference of opinions with seniors or authorities with tact & diplomacy! Obey traffic and other laws by special focus.

a.     Nov 16 to Dec 16 (8th House Sun)

b.    March 14 to April 13 (12th House Sun)

c.     For Details:


2.     Rahu moving to Libra sign in (7th house to Aries sign) mid January for 18 months adds further focus on partnerships & collaborations & more so relationships! Rahu’s aggression, agitation & passion or materialistic streak needs to be channeled well & at times even controlled with your family, social values. It is recommended to stay away from controversial stuff in relationships as Shani is also there with Rahu. Any affairs or wrong steps in relationship or even business partnership could result in legal / court issues. Patience & perseverance however will allow you to achieve great results for sure.

a.  Overall Rahu in 7th house along with Shani there means -- Calculated risks in business partnership & patience in relationships is the name of the game in 2013!

b.   Until 3rd week of March, Rahu movement shows gains, increase in support from environment in matters related to wealth (investments in stocks, estate, jewelry etc)

c.     From then to April 2nd week to May 1st week it could shows some expenditure etc on family members and spouse/partners. There could be visits abroad or away to visit business partners.

d.   The month of May shows increase in wealth and also investments with partners. Month of June could show some short trips or picnics with spouse and/or business partners.

e.   From mid July to rest of the year Rahu in its own constellation of Swati means its presence is now more focused with relationships. Need to show more patience for the whims of partners and spouse. July until 2nd week of August shows gains for sure. From then to September 1st week is followed by some expense of time & effort on relationships. Rest of September shows some colorful activities! J Recommended to show some restraint! J

f.  October could show some health issues but also some sudden gains from inheritance & investments. November onward until end of the year is a steady progress but again caution with relationships/partnerships is recommended for sure.


3.    Ketu in your own sign means certain amount of calming effect on your personality. It shows steady mind and steady movements. Some visits to religious/spiritual places is quite likely in this year. There would be closer association with maternal side family in this year. You should watch out for any obvious hereditary health issues from maternal grandfather (or mother) in particular or his family in general. Detailing for Ketu effects is as per Mars which is not only owner of the sign of Ketu in 2013 but also your rashi-swami. astromnc


4.     Mars movements.

a.     This means, gains and cash-flow increase in Jan & Feb due to 10th and 11th Mars.

b.  March & April 2 weeks show some health concerns & visits to doctors. There is some expenditure in this period for sure. Drive carefully and stay away from any road-rage incidents as far as possible.

c.    April 2nd week to May 3rd week: It is recommended to show restrain in driving / speed. Helmet or other safety gear while riding a bike is a must. It is good to avoid 2 wheelers in this period especially with family.

d.   June shows some land or investment related gains and July & August show some travel & expression.

e.     October & 3 weeks of Nov shows success in sports & also speculative gains. It mandates some time spent on kids too & students need to concentrate harder on studies.

f.     December shows success but after some fierce and friction. Need to watch health and your eating habits in this month.


5.   Harshal (Uranus/Prajapati) in 12th house in Meen shows sudden expenses from time to time. There would be urge to spend from time to time and certain in Mid March to Mid April for sure. As Guru is in the 2nd house, this Harshal could rather cause some gains from folks abroad until May2013 and some travel abroad from June2013! This Harshal is also forcing you to plan for next say 50 or more years of your or your family or even your business’s life. Your decisions need to be more long term when it comes to ultra big expenses (Public offers etc for industrialists or even Govt or countries ruled by Mesh rashi.) Uranus 12th usually shows expense for or due to electronic equipments, ultra-forward technology etc. This might not be applicable highly at an individual level.

6.    Neptune (Varun) continues in Kumbh for several years! Good to have any planet in the 11th house! J It shows gains from some sort of innovation & creative aspects but these effects work at national or corporate level than individual levels. As “physical” owner of Kumbh is Shani and it is in partnerships house, it could show some monetary gains from partnerships apart from the maturity & tough decisions this Shani wants to instill in you while dealing with partners! This Neptune creates some yoga with every 5th house planet as such as Sun, Mars, Venus etc in this year 2013 and it will help you shine in the intellectual matters as these planets will be complimented by innovative & often mysterious, explainable or difficult to articulate knowledge your subconscious has! i.e. the conscious intellect of 5th house will certainly be complimented by 11th house Neptune. However as this Neptune is “opposite” to these planets (180 degrees) some concentration or meditation (calm) is required to “realize” the power of subconscious mind. It is dying to help you – just that you need to tune your frequency to it.


Major planetary formations of 2013

1.     Sun in Aries from April 14 to May 14: Sun and Shani will be opposite to each other which shows a stand-off between Govt authorities and masses or management versus workers etc. It is highly advisable as far as possible to avoid conflicts or friction in this period or at least not to escalate it beyond a limit. There could be excess force used by Govt/Authorities in the day time whereas the workers or masses become powerful after Sun-set. Employees are advised not to let emotions take control of the situation and stay focused on facts & figure i.e. number crunching instead of subjective thoughts to “teach a lesson” to someone that are not easily quantifiable! J This is more applicable for April 25th to April 30th period and absolutely worry-some on April 27 and 28.

2.     Mars in Aries from 12th April to May 23rd only adds to the fuel in the fire mentioned above!! In addition it shows reckless driving being punished very severely. Mars and Shani opposition recommends tremendous caution while driving and especially in the night time. Race car drivers or competition sports folks are especially advised to take care and have all the safety gear including helmet for sure. Common people are advised to use helmet even for a 1 km or a very short drive! This will be more applicable for the period of April 27 to May 5th and absolutely worry-some on April 30th. Adventure sports in this period are advised to take minimal risk & highest vigil (preparation / maintenance)

3.     Mars in Cancer from 19 August to 6th Oct 2013: Again a similar effect as mentioned above in point (2). Similar caution required with vehicles and adventure sports, racing etc stuff. Very similar in nature & effects. Sept 5 to Sept 14 more of a worry and Sept 8 and 9 the worst!




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