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Virgo (Moon Sign) Annual Horoscope 2013

This article applies to Moon Sign VIRGO (Kanya). This is a very interesting topic to put 1/12th people in the world in the same category. We can only talk about the Kriyamaan karma (instant karma) and not the “destiny” of individuals. The destiny-analysis requires horoscope (birth-time chart), palmistry and face reading etc.


Moon Sign plays significant role when it comes to “Kriyamaan”. (Some well known moon sign Virgo folks: Balasaheb Thackeray, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Mahendra singh Dhoni, Prity Zinta, George W Budh (junior). This article also applies to some extent Virgo Sun Sign i.e. people born from September 15 to Oct 15. (Western Sun Sign calendar is wrong:


Virgo Sign Characteristics

Virgo folks are often described as “paralysis by analysis”. J These folks are highly meticulous and organized. They have very good control over speech and are a natural at mimicry / imitation. While Aquarius (Kumbh) is highly intellectual, Virgo is highly analytical. Short writing, drama, white papers, statistical analysis, making sense from a bunch of data is their forte. They like cleanliness and being organized. Their bath (ladies especially) begins by cleaning the bathroom etc! J Their attention to details is unparalleled. They are mostly shy unless they have a major Leo, Aries influence. Virgo + Aquarius makes person unusually taller (than family members.) Virgo rashi people have a habit of worrying too much and often have acidity, stomach issues due to this over analysis. Adjustments (Tadjod) are their strength. (This is a very natural rashi for politicians along with Vrishabh and Makar) Virgo sun sign folks born from 15th Sept to 15th Oct also show these characteristic. Folks born from April14 to May14 MESH/ Aries Sun opposes these characteristics (Firebrand, Direct); Folks born from Aug16 to Sept16 Singh/Leo Sun also opposes Virgo characteristics due to extrovert, dashing, firebrand personality.



Your legendary analysis is not helping you understand what went wrong from July2007 when so called “Sadesati” started! It is a mandate from Shani to reach next level of maturity & position in life by tough audit, various lessons learnt and meticulous hard-work. This is regardless of your age, your power & position. Balasaheb also had to go through some turmoil from July2007 coupled with his Son’s sadesati from May2005! Now you are in the last leg of 2+ years of this period from Aug2012. This period 2nd Shani starts some new income in your life due to hard-work & learnings from July2007. It also shows some issues or problems that must be fixed (tough decisions) in the existing or previous investments (monetary, shares, land etc). However despite this Sadesati period, you have a wonderful 2009 with some dream come true sort of success. From May2010 to May2011 in 7th Guru you had expansion in your sphere of influence. From May2011 to May2012 you had to work on initiatives that do not have great shelf life or not meant to succeed at high level BUT your work was very good there! Now this good work will bring you some great position from May2012 to May2013! This will ensure a strategic initiative which will last for 3 years at least and would give you increasing power and position (money) in these 3 years from May2012. You will finally start to “feel-good” by May2013 for sure. You have gone through a lot and just need to keep pushing with full force in next 2/3 years to reach a higher level.


Virgo Sign in 2013


1.  Most difficult phase for health is over (from Sept2009 to July2012). The reality-check of Shani is happening from July2007 with every aspect of your life and health is no exception. Viral Disease (or through water) was quite likely from Sept 2009 to July2012.

2.  9th Guru from May2012 is helping quite a bit to gain social image, visibility and also health. Water retention in body will now start becoming much better and you will gain your optimal health until May2013. 10th Guru from June2013 is also good for health if not as great as 9th Guru until may2013.

3.   Shani in 2nd house recommends not eating at shady joint and go to hygienic places only. Rahu coming there from Mid Jan only underscores this requirement as you could meet up with folks from different economical rung of society and avoiding food at such places could be difficult. (Still, eat hot stuff only if you have to!) J 2nd Shani and Rahu warrant special care of eyes and respiratory system.




1.    9th Guru helps with health of your Mom/parents which could have been under scanner in past years. It also helps overall image & social prestige if your family. People connect of family will increase somewhat until May2013. There could be some travels with family too.

2.   Shani and Rahu in 2nd house recommend caution with health of elderly people in the family, especially both grandparents.

3.   Immediate family is advised to invest with care & great deal of number crunching instead of speculative investment with some hunch or with the flow. 2nd house Shani is a great indication that family investments should be with a long term view only and that too with slow/steady approach.

4.   There could be some difference of opinion on how to use family wealth. It is important to deal with such negotiations with family members with calm and in a practical manner. Some family members would want their part of the wealth to pursue their dreams independently. Tough decisions are in order and emotions are requested to keep aside to take very practical view.

5.   A lot of planets would be in 8th house in April and May timeframe including Mars! This recommends caution with health, vehicles and overall anger too. Use word carefully and not sign documents without reading.



Career & Finance

Guru 9th until May2013:

1.   This 9th Guru causes some sort of “Bhagyoday” & also causes change in your location (literal or notional). It means by May2013 you would get something that will stay with you for 3 years and expand with every year. It ensures some sort of growth both in position & money for sure. This is MUCH needed for Virgo moon sign folks who were in the verge or crying not too long ago (from May2011 to May2012!!) J

2.    This growth also changes the type of work you do. It is at least once step more than what you did earlier. You will also get some new people to work for (under) you and they will stay with you for at least 3 years now. They will also grow with you and share fond memories of these 3 years later on! J


Guru 10th from June2013 to June2014

1.    The success and new in 9th Guru now makes you very busy! It causes a lot of stress but it is also about happening feel and hence it is a “good to have” stress. You will be tested at workplace with tough situations and would need to seek advice from seniors or rather “Experts” in some fields at workplace. It is highly advisable to seek help when needed instead of figuring out everything by yourself.

2.    This 10th Guru could make you report to someone of equal or lesser ability without nobody’s fault. You need to keep working positively but making seniors aware of your viewpoint.


2nd Shani Effects

1.    2nd Shani moves focus of sadesati to your finances. It makes you take tough & long pending decisions about all of your investments! It could be cash, bond, shares or jewelry etc. It could be also your family’s wealth. Shani does not “give” any issues but it just isolates and make them clear “exactly” what they are. Of course Shani’s way is stricter and like police or an auditor and not like mom scolding her kid! J Your obvious mistakes are punished severely but at least they are paid off before they cause more trouble.

2.     2nd Shani like any 2nd house planet also starts “new” income in your life. This is due to all the hard work or efforts that you did in the past 5 years of 12th and 1st house Shani. This is of course slow but steady impact of 2nd Shani until Late 2014.


Rahu coming 2nd with Shani further underscores need to handle family wealth especially the paternal one with care and practical approach. Avoid agitation or excess emotions when dealing with ancestral property or wealth. In April and May timeframe a lot of planets are 8th (peeda) to Virgo sign. Use words with caution and also do not sign any paper without thoroughly reading it yourself apart from having a lawyer too alongside!



1.     2nd house Shani is good news than 1st house until July2012 with relationships. 1st house Shani affects partnerships and also relations with father and seniors at workplace. 2nd house Shani shows handling family economical matters carefully and with patience but overall it is not affecting your relationships in either good or bad way!

2.  9th Guru gives situations that are good for your temperament and this improves positively every relationship you have. Rather this 9th Guru also shows some luck and new beginnings due to your spouse or business partners. This 9th Guru shows great gains from partners of colleagues of all sorts!

3.     2nd Shani however recommends checking mother’s health and needs closely.

4.    Uranus in 7th house could shows some unorthodox (or downright weird) folks approaching you from time to time, especially in the month of March. Please handle with care and set expectations of what you want from each other. Handle tantrums of your spouse with patience too! J



Other effects

1.    Sun: Handle seniors, govt related matters with tact & diplomacy during following periods; check if their & your priorities are the same! J

a.     August 16 to September 15: 12th house Sun

b.    April 14 to May 13  à 8th house Sun

a.     For Details:


2.   Rahu in the 2nd house for 18 months from Mid January: As explained above in various sections, family wealth, and health of elder (rather older) family members are the focus of 2nd Rahu. Rahu could try to override 2nd house Shani’s patience and slow nature with investments which could be detrimental. Once could handle this by some Hanuman Sadhana. 2nd house Rahu shows paternal family will be more involved in material or finance world than maternal one.

3.   Ketu in the 8thth house: This does not shows the best of the time for maternal family but good for spiritual or religious pursuits for them. For you it means you might need to pay attention or help maternal family folks from time to time I these 18 months. This Ketu helps you a lot with your own spiritual, religious pursuits and also alternate medicines such as ayurveda, homeopathy etc.


4.    Neptune continues in Aquarius (Kumbh) for several years! 6th house Neptune is mostly insignificant. As 6th house is about service, economics etc and Neptune is about spiritual and metaphysical matters. It could show providing some service to some ashrams or religious places and gaining money from it.

5.    Uranus (Harshal) in 7th house in Pisces (Meen) show some sudden activities with relationships. There could be some unorthodox or downright weird people who can approach you in this period. But it takes approximately 7 years for Uranus in one sign, it alone can’t operate in isolation unless it is corporate or country ruled by Virgo sign! For personal level it means March and September months show some care to be taken. For corporate it could mean core industry tie-up with say a electronics or PLC kind of company for some projects!



9th Guru and 10th Guru are great for studies & increasing success in education for next 2.5 years! 2nd Shani until late 2014 is also making you prepare hard and work hard. It also mandates working on “presentation” aspect of exams well. You need to present you knowledge well as Shani drushti on 4th house doe affect exam scores compared to your preparation. With a little bit care and practicing “writing” down stuff while studying will help a lot. However, success is around the corner or already there with increasing curve in next 30 months.

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