Published on Friday, 25 January 2013



We are happy to announce that earlier this month, passed the one million page view mark !

We launched around the end of April 2012. So it took less than 9 months to reach the milestone. The earlier blog site (blogger) has already reached that milestone. However it was always a challenge to get the viewers to get to a new site. Given the popularity of the blog, we were watching the page view counter closely the last few months.  After some initial hiccups, we knew that we are on the right path and it was only a matter of time before we'd cross the seven-figure boundary - but we're still blown away now that it's happened ! The Internet is an awfully big place, and in Internet terms one million is a small number, yet reaching such a number makes us feel that we have achieved a BIG goal !

The reader statistics we capture is more than just the number of pages being viewed per day, per week or per month, and some of the aspects were very surprising.

Since the origins and most of the followers of the vedic astrology are based in India, it doesn't seem surprising that the country that visits the site the most is India. However Indian visitors represent only 50% of the total. USA comes second with almost 28%. We are also proud to report that actually we recorded visitors coming from 151 countries. It looks like we have done an excellent job in improving followership across the globe.  

Apart from the sheer size of that 1,000,000 number, one of the most gratifying statistics we've received is that returning visitors consistently outnumber new visitors. If a million people visited but none of them returned, the number wouldn't be nearly as satisfying. So we want to take this milestone as an opportunity to THANK YOU - our visitors, new ones and returning ones. We hope that you'll want to keep coming back to and that each time you do, you'll find or learn something interesting !

Thanks a million !!!

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